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# Monday, July 15, 2013
Coding is becoming popular and more accessible to everyone. The days of having to buy a big fat book sit down and “just do it” are gone. Thank god for that, I want my sister and my daughter to know a thing or two about programming and simply the sight of a big fat programming book, with clever Star Trek jokes is a guaranteed no, nearly so fast it’s laughable. With this I compared two programming sites against each other and

Spoiler: Code School is better, but there is a catch, read on if you care...or don’t, I probably wouldn’t.

Lets start out with this, Code School works with a freemium model. The beginning classes are free, however if you want to progress even a little bit, it’s $25 a month, this gets you everything the site has to offer. Codecademy is free, I will say it is unquestionably a get you what you pay for kind of thing. I choose Python on Codecademy which oddly, is the only site I can find that teaches python. This is interesting to me given the popularity of python and the the growth it is seeing right now in usage. Probably the one saving grace for Codecademy. For Code School I choose jQuery.

Getting right to it I’ll list out the differences I encountered:

Code School:
1. (Pro)  Real world examples
2. (Pro)  Found no bugs with the learning program
3. (Pro)  Videos
4. (Pro)  Direct links to documentation on the current subject matter they are teaching
5. (Con) Website layout could use some work

1. (Pro) Clean website layout, perfectly clean. All others code learning websites should take notes.
2. (Con) Buggy Buggy Buggy, I must have found at least 3 errors and several more that weren’t really bugs, but you had to code it a certain way or it would not accept the answer regardless if you came up with the correct results.
3. (Con) No Video
4. (Con) No direct links to python documentation (an easy win, yet they just didn’t do it)
5. (Con) Not so much on the real world examples

UPDATE: My home skillet Kevin Rose angel invested in a company that does online coding. It's called Treehouse. Chances are this site is pretty solid, this being said, I haven't done a single thing with it.

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